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Science Communication Skills grant (pilot) Competition results –

Grant holder Dunn, Jeff
Title of proposal Videography Training for Graduate Students and a Science Communication Film Festival
Hosting institution University of Calgary
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Duodu, Eugenia
Title of proposal Science Communication
Hosting institution Visions of Science
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Gupta, Aditi
Title of proposal A 30x3 Science Communication Toolkit and Symposium through a BIPOC lens
Hosting institution University of Victoria
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Henson, Amy
Title of proposal Science Communication Mentorship Program
Hosting institution Science North
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Maxwell, Rachael
Title of proposal The Science To Policy Accelerator Program
Hosting institution Evidence for Democracy
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Orihel, Diane
Title of proposal Development of Inclusive Science Communication Training through an Anti-Racist Lens
Hosting institution Queen's University
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Secko, David
Title of proposal Projected Futures Open: Inclusive Training in Experimental Science Journalism Studies
Hosting institution Concordia University
Grant amount $19,888.00
Grant holder Shakiba, Nika
Title of proposal Empowering a grass-roots podcast initiative: student-centric science communication training
Hosting institution University of British Columbia
Grant amount $19,700.00
Grant holder Tang, Tian
Title of proposal WISEST Science Communication Training
Hosting institution University of Alberta
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Ward, Wendy
Title of proposal Mobilizing Science from the Lab to the Community
Hosting institution Brock University
Grant amount $19,542.00