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Recipients of the 2017 Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects Competition

Institution Name
Term Award
University of British Columbia Purang Abolmaesumi
Big Data analytics for next generation mobile ultrasound
3 $657,300.00
  Lutz Lampe
Enabling technologies for ultra-high density internet of things
3 $511,300.00
  Sidney Fels
Control strategies for articulatory speech synthesis for natural user interfaces
3 $590,900.00
  Lindsay Eltis
Developing biocatalysts to valorize lignin
3 $598,732.00
  Tor Aamodt
Error Resilient Machine Learning Systems
3 $735,000.00
  Nicholas Coops
Assessing genetic gains in coastal Douglas-fir using advanced remote sensing
3 $318,790.00
  Joanna McGrenere
Making it personal: tools and techniques for fostering effective user interaction with feature-rich software
3 $489,650.00
  Rebecca Tyson
Determining optimal wildflower patch arrangements to maximize pollination services by wild bees in cultivated blueberry
3 $361,995.00
  Boris Stoeber
Paper-based particulate matter sensors
3 $601,800.00
University of Calgary Christoph Simon
Quantum-secured communications for Canada (QSC2)
3 $628,400.00
  Henry Leung
Information fusion approach for anomaly detection in big data
3 $505,500.00
  Edward Roberts
Electrochemical water treatment processes for the oil and gas industry
3 $554,300.00
Carleton University Steven Cooke
Science to support management of Parks Canada’s historic Rideau and Trent-Severn waterways to maintain and enhance ecosystem services


Concordia University Vincent Martin
Biochemicals from forestry biomass
3 $504,450.00
  Emad Shihab
Using big data analytics to improve decision making of system-on-module based solutions
3 $494,300.00
University of Guelph Roy Danzmann
Improved upper thermal tolerance in rainbow trout
3 $574,149.00
  Elizabeth Boulding
Assessing heritable variation in biological control of the salmon louse by two species of cleaner fish and co-operative behavior by their client, Atlantic salmon
3 $482,062.00
  Satinder Kaur Brar
Oleaginous yeast-based advanced platform for drop-in fuel feedstock production from forest residues
3 $556,000.00
  Jose Azana
Efficient and practical quantum information processing enabled by advanced coherent control of on-chip optical frequency combs
3 $527,500.00
  Ana Tavares
Multi-gas ultrasensitive terahertz technology for environmental quality monitoring
3 $582,000.00
  Luca Razzari
Plasmonic metasurfaces for high-dimensional quantum information processing
3 $550,000.00
  Andreas Ruediger
Physical vapour deposition of ferroelectric and multiferroic tunnel junctions
3 $586,000.00
Lakehead University Han Chen
Assessing climate change impacts on timber resource availability in western-central Canada: economic implications and mitigation
3 $447,300.00
Université Laval Jean-Francois Morin
Well defined graphene nanoribbons as active components for solar cells
3 $465,756.00
  Anna Ritcey
Chemical sensing with plasmonic nanopartical assemblies and buried waveguides
3 $389,300.00
  Younès Messaddeq
SPG-ANR PROTEus project: PRinting of exOTic multi-maTErials fibers
3 $571,000.00
  Richard Bélanger
Optimising plant resilience to abiotic and biotic stresses through improved silicon absorption
3 $579,500.00
  Tigran Galstian
Actionnement et contrôle optique de matériaux hybrides photoactifs nanostructurés multifonctionnels
3 $456,000.00
McGill University Theodorus van de Ven
Functional cellulose fibers
3 $639,801.00
  Marta Cerruti
Engineering graphene oxide membranes to achieve high fidelity speakers with low dimensional materials
3 $469,400.00
  Anthony Ricciardi
Assessing biological invasion risk under climate change scenarios is the Great Lakes Basin
3 $610,672.00
  Jeffrey Bergthorson
Metal fuels as clean energy carriers for powering the Canadian Arctic
3 $570,200.00
  Thomas Bureau
Functional non-coding RNA genes conferring beneficial traits to Camelina
3 $573,579.00
  Galen Pippa Halverson
Geological evolution and mineral resource potential of the Mesoproterozoic Fury and Hecla basic, Northern Baffin Island
3 $604,286.00
  Chao-Jun Li
Direct conversion of lignin phenols into high-value polyaniline and related electronic materials
3 $447,189.00
  Stephen McAdams
ANR Multimodal analysis and knowledge interference for musical orchestration (MAKIMOno)
3 $551,773.00
McMaster University Leyla Soleymani
AgroPathogenMeter- developing a handheld platform for on-farm, rapid and inexpensive animal testing
3 $572,120.00
  Leyla Soleymani
Developing structurally- and functionally – tuned three-dimensional electrodes for biosensing
3 $525,625.00
Université de Montréal Kevin Wilkinson
Engineered particles at the start of the food chain – quantifying their effects on pesticide targeting and contaminant mobility in soils
3 $596,400.00
University of Ottawa Xiaoyi Bao
Fiber optic ultrasound generator and detector for high resolution ultrasound imaging
3 $565,300.00
  Shervin Shirmohammadi
HiPer clouding: high performance cloud gaming
3 $531,800.00
École Polytechnique Oussama Moutanabbir
Scalable group V two-dimensional materials for mid-infrared optoelectronics
3 $663,480.00
  Oussama Moutanabbir
Monolithic multi-junction III-V solar cells with optimal 1 eV subcell
3 $660,000.00
  Stéphane Kéna-Cohen
Towards tunable and scalable black phosphorus photodetectors
3 $810,641.00
Université du Québec à Montréal Marc Lucotte
Maintaining high yields in field crops while reconsidering the option of using glyphosate
3 $658,829.00
  Alain Paquette
Climate change and water use: can increased diversity help protect forests?
3 $509,000.00
Université du Québec à Rimouski Dominique Robert
Quantifying spatial dynamics and stock structure of Atlantic halibut within the Gulf of St.Lawrence to improve sustainable exploitation and management
3 $566,472.00
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Simon Barnabé
An integrated lignocellulosic bioenergy and bioproduct platform from sustainable bioremediation opportunities
3 $737,000.00
Queen's University Mohammad Zulkernine
Secure cloud computing for connected vehicles
3 $535,500.00
  Ian Moore
Pipe liner evaluations and connections studies (PipeLEACS)
3 $590,100.00
  Kevin Mumford
Impacts of stray gas migration on shallow groundwater: insights from laboratory experiments and numerical modelling
3 $537,475.00
  John Smol
New assessment tools combining forensic paleolimnology, biotransport, and predictive modelling to determine potential impacts of mink farming in rural Nova Scotia
3 $520,000.00
Ryerson University Scott Tsai
Microfluidic manufacturing of uniform nano and microbubbles for ultrasound based imaging and therapeutic applications
3 $414,101.00
University of Saskatchewan Timothy Kelly
Low-cost manufacture of flat panel x-ray image detectors using lead halide perovskites
3 $412,500.00
  Irena Creed
Quest for understanding wetland carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous sequestration potential in agricultural landscapes
3 $826,835.00
Université de Sherbrooke Dominique Drouin Heterogeneous integration of high-density analog crossbar for advanced data processing 3 $575,000.00
Simon Fraser University Bozena Kaminska
Secure authentication of cyber-physical systems with autonomous nano-optical devices
3 $585,504.00
University of Toronto Sorin Voinigescu
Silicon quantum computing hardware in nanoscale CMOS
3 $483,000.00
  Dwight Seferos
Engineering lightweight printed logic circuits for flexile illumination and displays
3 $540,000.00
  Alberto Leon-Garcia
Green software-defined platform for smart city big data applications
3 $900,000.00
  George Eleftheriades
Tailored and reconfigurable Huygens’ metasurfaces
3 $572,574.00
  Deepa Kundur
Advanced IT/OT convergence methods for secure power grid control
3 $341,598.00
  Timothy Bender
Vapour and solution combinatory manufacturing methods for organic solar cells based on novel phthalocyanines
3 $656,625.00
  Ben Liang
Leading edge: an integrated communication and computation framework for mobile edge computing
3 $528,900.00
  Milica Radisic
Additive manufacturing of organs-on-a-chip using biodegradable elastomeric polymers
3 $545,244.00
  Emma Master
Chemo-enzymatic reassembly of underused biomass fractions
3 $404,750.00
  Ya-Huei (Cathy) Chin
Next generation catalytic aftertreatment technology for exhaust emission control
3 $427,330.00
  David Sinton
1000 individually-controlled microcosms to assess ecological impacts in Canadian ecosystems, aquaculture, and agriculture
3 $644,900.00
University of Waterloo Michael Power
Functional, structural and biodiversity studies of Arctic freshwater watersheds: validating protocols for monitoring and cumulative impacts assessment
3 $560,800.00
  Trevor Charles
Biodegradation of the most commonly used herbicide on earth
3 $851,400.00
  Jeffrey Gostick
Grid-scale energy storage using zinc-air fuel cells with nanostructured electrode
3 $581,500.00
  Siva Sivoththaman
Quantum dot-enabled micro LEDs displays for future virtual-reality and flexible devices
3 $471,000.00
  Michael Tam
Development of magnetic nanoparticles for enhanced detection and removal of contaminants in waste and drinking water systems
3 $456,000.00
  Michael Tam
Sustainable conductive inks for printable electronic applications
3 $564,400.00
  Soo Jeon
MOST – Task-relevant perception and control for human-oriented operation of mobile manipulators in semi-structured environments
3 $547,447.00
  Juewen Liu
DNA-gated stimuli-responsive nanostructures for metal sensing and smart remediation
3 $593,025.00
University of Western Ontario Giovanni Fanchini
Vacuum polyradical deposition (VPRD) techniques for specialty nanoelectronics
3 $619,500.00
  Clare Robinson
Role and ecological impact of groundwater in delivering phosphorus to agricultural streams
3 $539,130.00
  Amarjeet Bassi
Harnessing biodegradable plastics from microalgae cultivated on recalcitrant waste streams
3 $461,150.00
  Kostas Kontogiannis
Middleware framework and programming infrastructure for IoT services
3 $1,055,500.00