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A World of Discoveries


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A World of Discoveries


NSERC Communications



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June 26, 2014


Why is discovery research so important? In this short video, NSERC-funded scientists and engineers talk about foundational research and the breakthroughs that lead to a world of discoveries.

Zhihui Yi

I want to use my knowledge and my effort to change this world.

Dr. Ehab Abouheif

Innovative solutions come from freedom to pursue the questions that we need to.

Dr. Warren Chan

One of the first grants I got was the NSERC Discovery Grant, which allowed us to do some basic research.

Dr. Kevin Leyton-Brown

Sometimes it's the unexpected discoveries that come along in the midst of all of that that turn out to be really important.

Dr. Philip Jessop

NSERC's Discovery Grant system is not rigid, it's flexible. So when you hit something wonderful, you can pursue it without feeling guilty about not doing exactly what you said you were going to do from the beginning.

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