The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive workplace.

Current opportunities

Meet Teresa

"I am grateful to work in an environment where I feel comfortable sharing my ideas, whatever they may be. I feel included and validated."

- Teresa Jurewicz, Team Leader, Science Promotion and Operations

Who we are

At the forefront of science and engineering in Canada, making a lasting impact


We are Canada’s largest funder of natural sciences and engineering discovery research.


We foster the promotion and celebration of science to nurture future generations of researchers and science-literate citizens.


Our investments build the foundation for Canada’s research and innovation capacity.

Meet Amaan

"I am surrounded by skillful colleagues. Throughout our exchanges, we find better ways to work. This collaboration is stimulating, and the work is diverse. It really drives me to give my all."

- Amaan Bashir, Employee Relations Advisor

What we offer

Great pay and benefits and space to grow professionally

Competitive salaries and benefits

With a reputation for excellence, NSERC offers competitive salaries to its employees.

We offer the same excellent pension plan and comprehensive medical and dental coverage as that of the Public Service of Canada. If you’re already in the core public service, we’ll help make your transition smooth.

Work-life balance

We recognize the importance of work-life balance and provide employees with a range of flexible working arrangements.

Professional development

At NSERC, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. We offer a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities to build the skills and competencies employees need to succeed now and in the future.

Meet Christian

"I am proud to work for NSERC. We contribute daily to shaping the world of tomorrow. What a beautiful legacy to leave to future generations."

- Christian Riel, Director, Communications

Our workplace

Equality, encouraging youth, central location and tons of perks

Equal opportunity

Our differences make us stronger as individuals and as an organization. We believe diversity fosters innovation and problem-solving skills, and promotes organizational effectiveness. We are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive workplace.

Talent at all levels

NSERC invites young professionals and tenured experts with a desire to improve the lives of Canadians to join our team. NSERC also invites students from various fields to apply to its Student Employment Program.


NSERC supports a hybrid work policy that enables both in-person and remote collaboration. NSERC’s offices are located in Zibi, the waterfront city. It is one of Canada's most sustainable communities and is situated on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People, overlooking the Ottawa River. Our headquarters, located at 125 Zaida Eddy Private, Ottawa, Ontario are close to Ottawa's LRT system and Gatineau's transit hub at Terrasses de la Chaudière.

Make a lasting impact. Join a passionate and professional team.

Current opportunities

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