Final 15 winners revealed on April 5!
Maryam Akbari
University of Alberta
Biodegradable Plastic From Lobsters
Zhi Xin Wang
McGill University
Coming Home to Roost
Shelby Bohn
University of Regina
Corporate Carbon Emissions
Maida Hadziosmanovic
Concordia University
eGO From A to B
John Cohen Poirier
Dalhousie University
Extreme Loading on Concrete Structures
Edvard Bruun
University of Toronto
Fear of Falls
Angel Phanthanourak
Brock University
Feeling the Vibes!
Senthurran Sivalinghem
University of Toronto
Happy Patient Happy life
Lee Yu Wu
University of Waterloo
Image Guidance
Tony Tang
University of British Columbia
La sentinelle des mers
Émile Brisson-Curadeau
McGill University
Les gènes de nos forêts
Marine Vautier
Université Laval
Lives Of Shapes in Space
Yuliya Nesterova
Queen's University
Melting Glaciers and Water Supply
Lauren Somers
McGill University
Mercury on the Move
Bryan Lee
McGill University
On the edge of ice
Jordan Eamer
University of Victoria
Rebecca McDonald
University of Guelph
Rescousse d'une population en péril
Marc-Antoine Poirier
Université de Sherbrooke
Stopping Pseudomonas
Nicole Filipow
Carleton University
The Digits Behind Touch
Kyle Gauder
McMaster University
The Urine Chip
Ayo Olanrewaju
McGill University
Plastic Electrolyzer
Angelica Reyes
University of British Columbia
Honey I'm Homeless
Hannah Watkins
University of Ottawa
Beyond Bionic with BLINC
Keri McNiel
University of Alberta
Understanding Songbirds
Lincoln Savi
University of Windsor

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