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Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action on Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability

Call for Proposals

Award and Duration NSERC has set aside up to Can$300,000 per year over three years for this initiative, with funding of up to Can$50,000 per project over three years.
Application Deadline The program is now closed.
How to Apply NSERC is no longer accepting new applications for this program.
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Belmont Forum

The This link will take you to another Web site Belmont Forum is a high-level group of the world’s major and emerging funders of global environmental change research and international science councils. It aims to accelerate delivery of the international environmental research most urgently needed to remove critical barriers to sustainability by aligning and mobilizing international resources. The aims of the Belmont Forum are detailed in a This link will take you to another Web site White Paper, and encapsulated as the Belmont Challenge: “To deliver knowledge needed for action to mitigate and adapt to detrimental environmental change and extreme hazardous events.”

In order to make progress against the Belmont Challenge and help deliver international collaboration, the Belmont Forum agreed to develop collaborative research actions (CRAs). The principles of the CRAs are to:

  • address the Belmont Challenge priorities (i.e., societally relevant global environmental change challenges);
  • lever Belmont Forum members’ existing investments through international added value; and
  • bring together new partnerships of natural scientists, social scientists and users.

NSERC, along with 11 other members of the Belmont Forum, jointly announced their participation in a collaborative research action to advance Arctic research.

This initiative encourages integrated teams of natural and social scientists, as well as stakeholders, to develop projects that leverage existing Arctic observing systems, datasets and models to evaluate key sustainability challenges and opportunities in the Arctic region.

By utilizing and developing the relevant information streams; and the sustainability science necessary to assess, predict, inform, and communicate resilient pathways, this call for proposals seeks to advance research across four themes:

  1. The natural and living environment
  2. The built environment and infrastructures
  3. Natural resource management and development
  4. Governance

For its part, NSERC will provide direct funding to eligible Canadian researchers to participate in small collaboration and synthesis grants related to their activities in funded projects in the natural sciences and engineering related to the above themes 1, 2 and 3; excluding actual research costs.

Further information about the competition and application process is available on the  This link will take you to another Web site Belmont Forum website.

This collaborative research action is administered by the This link will take you to another Web site US National Science Foundation.


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