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Committee on Discovery Research

Role Name Organization End Date
Chair Kimberly Woodhouse Queen’s University 2017
Members Diana Allen Simon Fraser University   2019
  Victoria Arbour University of Toronto 2020
  Kari Dalnoki-Veress McMaster University 2019
  Michel Gendreau Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal  2019
  Steven Holdcroft Simon Fraser University 2017
  Niky Kamran McGill University 2018
  Karen Kidd University of New Brunswick 2018
  Christian Lacroix University of Prince Edward Island 2017
  Horacio Marquez University of Alberta 2017
  Sudarshan Mehta University of Calgary 2017
  Parvin Mousavi Queen’s University 2019
  Janet Ronsky University of Calgary 2017
  Allison Sekuler McMaster University 2018
  Jordan Schmidt Dalhousie University 2018
  Christopher Yip University of Toronto 2018
  Christopher Yost University of Regina 2019
Program Officer Julie Hughes Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

People Discovery Innovation