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Latest News - 2017

Stopping an invasion
December 18, 2017 Research News
Blast off! Official launch of Little Inventors: Inventions for Space
December 17, 2017 News Release
NSERC-OCE TargetGHG Collaborative R&D projects announced
December 15, 2017 News
Revolutionizing how we enjoy hot beverages on the go
December 11, 2017 Research News
The benefits of a bilingual brain
December 4, 2017 Research News
Next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators receive support for new skills and training for jobs of the future
November 27, 2017 News Release
Making accessibility education a priority
November 27, 2017 Research News
Chemists develop method to help tackle opioid crisis
November 20, 2017 Research News
Science Exposed is back!
November 15, 2017 News Release
This link will take you to another Web site Canada-India MoU signed
November 14, 2017 News
Turning pollutants to products
November 8, 2017 Research News
When humidity benefits batteries
November 1, 2017 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site New science committee will help meet the needs of Canada’s researchers
October 27, 2017 News Release
2017 Science Exposed winners revealed!
October 25, 2017 News
Take with a grain of salt
October 24, 2017 Research News
Changes to the College and Community Social Innovation Fund Pilot Program
October 12, 2017 News
NSERC welcomes new Vice-President, Research Partnerships
October 12, 2017 News
Call for proposals: Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
October 6, 2017 News
Ants as bodyguards?
October 5, 2017 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site Prime Minister introduces Canada’s new top scientist
September 26, 2017 News Release
Launch of the Renewal of the Tri-Agency Financial Administration
September 26, 2017 News
This link will take you to another Web site Learn about the world around you during Science Literacy Week
September 18, 2017 News
Update on Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program
September 15, 2017 Program News
Empowering thousands of Canadian researchers and students to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation
September 8, 2017 News Release
Canadian-led study akin to antimatter forensics
September 6, 2017 Research News
NSERC and CIIRDF launch new call for Canada-Israel R&D projects
September 6, 2017 News
Rising solar stars
August 30, 2017 Research News
Gender Summit 11 – North America 2017: Making gender equality and inclusion the norm in research and innovation
August 24, 2017 News
Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge
August 17, 2017 News
Something in the water
August 16, 2017 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site Banting Fellows and Vanier scholars to attend the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
August 1, 2017 News
Improved access to paid parental leave for grant-funded students and fellows
July 31, 2017 Program News
All on Tape
July 25, 2017 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site Prime Minister Trudeau announces The Queen’s approval of Canada’s next Governor General
July 13, 2017 News
Fish and Chips
July 11, 2017 Research News
Sparrow sights and sounds
June 27, 2017 Research News
Strengthening collaborative research and training ties with Germany
June 22, 2017 News
This link will take you to another Web site Competition opens for new Canada 150 Research Chairs Program
June 21, 2017 News
Driving innovation
June 8, 2017 News
NSERC bids farewell to Bettina Hamelin, Vice-President of Research Partnerships
June 7, 2017 News
This link will take you to another Web site Canadian youth & mental health patients to benefit from new support for research collaborations
June 6, 2017 News Release
NSERC and CONCYTEC welcome Global Research funding leaders to Ottawa
May 31, 2017 News
Joint CIIRDF-NSERC funding opportunity for Ontario participants
May 30, 2017 News
Canada’s science champions receive top honours from the Government of Canada
May 15, 2017 News Release
Government of Canada supports young scientists and engineers through PromoScience at Science Odyssey launch
May 12, 2017 News Release
Update to the Research Tools and Instruments Grants Program
May 11, 2017 News
A 3D step in the right direction
May 10, 2017 Research News
Gender Summit 11: Program at a glance available
May 5, 2017 News
This link will take you to another Web site New measures to recruit more women, underrepresented groups to Canada Research Chairs
May 4, 2017 News Release
Government of Canada invests in innovative partnerships between colleges and businesses
May 2, 2017 News Release
Helping farmers protect their crops
May 2, 2017 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site Ten days of discovery and innovation
April 24, 2017 News
This link will take you to another Web site STEAM Horizon Award Winners 2017
April 19, 2017 News
Robots that help you help yourself
April 18, 2017 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research
April 11, 2017 News
Tackling water challenges on a global scale
April 6, 2017 Program News
Lewis E. Kay named Canada Gairdner International Award laureate
April 4, 2017 Research News
New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens
March 30, 2017 Research News
Update on NSERC engagement visits
March 9, 2017 Program News
Online electricity auction on the horizon
March 8, 2017 Research News
Government of Canada invests in next-generation sustainable technologies
February 15, 2017 News Release
Better batteries for better electric vehicles
February 13, 2017 Research News
Government of Canada invests in mathematics research to advance clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and healthcare
February 10, 2017 News Release
Canada’s top scientists and engineers to be honoured at Rideau Hall
February 7, 2017 News Release
Changing the face of disaster relief
January 26, 2017 Research News
Call for proposals: Leading-edge research in biodiversity and adaptation of biosystems
January 26, 2017 News
Registration open for 2017 Science & Technology Awareness Network conference
January 12, 2017 News