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Fostering Applied Research in Colleges

Community colleges, technical institutes and CEGEPs have strong ties to their communities, which places them in a unique position to build partnerships with local business and industry. As such, they play a valuable role in Canada’s research and innovation cycle, one that is distinct and complements work done at universities.

In recognition of the fact that colleges are home to highly skilled professionals and have a strong capacity to strengthen the economy, NSERC has expanded its support of applied research efforts based at these institutions in recent years. This includes changing the eligibility criteria for certain programs to offer college faculty the opportunity to access funding either as primary applicants or co-applicants with university faculty. Colleges can also apply to certain programs as institutions.

NSERC programs accessible by colleges include a program designed to stimulate college-industry partnerships and encourage entrepreneurship the College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program. The program was made permanent in 2007 and details about the competition process are now available.

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Mid-Term Review of the College and Community Innovation Pilot Program