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Summary of Changes 2016 College and Community Innovation Program Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

The 2016 version of the College and Community Innovation Program Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide has been updated from the 2015 version to better reflect and adapt to all the requirements of this Tri-Agency initiative. Additional requirements have been included to reflect the new program types.

The following is a summary of the most significant changes:

Financial Administration
Section and Subsection Nature of Change
Responsibilities and Accountability


No changes to this section.
Annual Funding of Grants


No changes to this section.
Use of Grant Funds
General Principles Adjustment to the second paragraph on the equipment and operating costs now up to 20% of the total project costs
Compensation-Related Expenses Salaries section – specification to the last bullet salaries to college students only

Non-eligible expenses: 3 new bullets have been added  to this section

Travel and Subsistence Costs

Precisions have been added to the two first bullets of this section
Operating, Equipment and Supplies Two first bullets are new and a precision was added to the last bullet

Other eligible expenses – precisions added to the first and last bullets on international travel

Non-eligible expenses – precisions were added to the two first bullet on the adequate justification
Computer and Electronic Communications First bullet a precision on the adequate justification

New - Home internet costs are now considered non-eligible expenses
Services and Miscellaneous Expenses Precision added to recruiting costs and patenting expenses
Reporting and Supporting Evidence

Supporting Evidence

Hospitality for networking and research-related activities - new sub bullet for need of counter signature

New bullet was added for incentives paid for research recruitment and participation and 4 new sub bullets
Administrative Matters
Residual Balances New link to the Guidelines of the General Research Funds NSERC and SSHRC only
People Discovery Innovation