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Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests –
June 2013

Request number Summary of request Disposition Number of pages
ATI 2010-009 All NSERC records regarding cases, since January 2008, of research misconduct and non-compliance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Integrity in Research and Scholarship, the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans, and the Tri-Council Guidelines and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) on adherence to NSERC’s Grants and Awards Guide. Instalment 3, disclosed in part 664
ATI 2013-004 Please provide all Temporary Help Services (THS) Supply Arrangement (SA), and Standing Offer (SO) call-ups issued in the National Capital Region for the months of September 2012, October 2012, November 2012, December 2012, January 2013, February 2013, March 2013. All Disclosed 22
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